.22 LR Handgun Info

By , June 22, 2009 6:13 pm

Walther P22

Walther P22

German-made subcompact semiautomatic
Beretta U22 Neos

Beretta U22 Neos

Intriguing modern take on the .22 LR semiautomatic pistol


Long-time favorite

SIG Sauer Mosquito

SIG Sauer Mosquito

Another semiautomatic from Germany

Smith & Wesson 22A

Browning Buckmark

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  1. Ap4358 says:

    I have an older Ruger mkII, a buckmark target, a Taurus tracker and a sig mosquito. I would have to say the Buckmark is the most accurate(and the most expensive). It is not picky at all with ammo, and shoots really well with Eley sport.

    I did not like the grips on the mk II, so I bought an after market grip with a thumb rest. What a difference that made. The only other thing I don’t like is the sights are not colored. But that is am easy fix.

    The Sig I bought because I wanted something similar to the P220 I own. That is .45 and really expensive to shoot. I bought the mosquito new. The manual says to run the 1st 500 rounds with cci mini mags and use the stiffer spring(installed). I have tried other ammo and have problems feeding, but as long as the ammo is high velocity there are no problems.

    The revolver I bought to get trigger time and burn up all the old experimental ammo that did not run well through any of my rifles or pistols. It is accurate enough, but I prefer the autos, and am not sure if I will keep it.

    I also had a Neos and got rid of it not long after I bought it. Hated the grip, was no after market grip I liked. But it was a good gun for the money.

    I am now considering another one. Probably M&P because I own a 9mm M&P and the ammo is much cheaper.

    As you can tell, I am a big fan of .22s. They are fun, cheap to shoot, and that means more variety and trigger time.

  2. Tim Hardy says:

    Being and old 1911 guy I love to see a hammer. Have owned many a fine .22 in my 60 years, I found myself in need of a high quality .22. My wife owns a Smith Model 41 and accuracy is not a question. How ever, this pistol has no hammer. After much research, and based on my experience with the CZ-75 I opted for the CZ-75 Kadet (Complete Pistol, not a kit.) Based on the full size CZ-75 this pistol has all the heft and handling qualities of the notorious CZ-75. Again, based on my experience with CZ quality and customer service I opted for the Kadet 2. Slide operates much like the Smith Model 41. Slide is center receiver and the barrel if fixed. Pistol is equipped with high quality adjustable sights with positive clicks for elevation and windage. Pistol is all steel and as with my other CZ products, quality is second to none. To date, no F.T,F’s of any kind with any ammunition.

    We tested both pistols off sandbag at 50 yards. Using Hi velocity ammo the CZ and Smith were pretty close, giving the edge to the CZ. Using standard velocity ammo the edge was clearly my wife’s scope equipped Model 41.

    Again, a 1911 guy, I own several 9 m/m pistols. By far my favorite is the CZ. A former Deputy Sheriff I would not hesitate to bet my life on this CZ-75 9 m/m with modern ammunition. The .22 Kadet duplicates all the handling qualities the CZ is famous for. Fastest pointing, most ergonomically correct handling pistol I have encountered, next to the 1911. As said so many times with MY CZ’S, a few million eastern bloc communists can’t be wrong.

    • Edd Higbee says:

      Tim, I know I’m going in a slightly different direction, but with a mutual purpose. I shoot a Glock 23 and am looking for a .22 cal handgun that”duplicates all the handling qualities the Glock 23″ has. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. I’ve looked at the Walther P22 and Sig Sauer Mosquito (on the Web only at this point). Just want to be sure before I jump.

  3. Eric in Ohio says:

    Just bought a Ruger SR22. This is a nice gun, shoots well and accurate. One nice piece!!!!

  4. JMENGELE says:

    I’ve gotta go with Eric from Ohio on this one. Why pay an extra few hundred for the Walther name when you can get the Ruger sr22?!? It is truly one sweet piece. considering all the good 22lr’s on the market and doing a limited amount of research, making the criteria concealability, reliability and adaptability my opinion is the Ruger SR22. Love the Bersa and the Walther, but dianne feinstein doesn’t. (CA).

  5. Rick says:

    When my grandfather passed, I inherited his Browning 22 LR target/competition pistol. I believe it special, edition…it has a gold trigger, it could be the target master II. ?? Has thick wooden grips that are flat on bottom and runs beyond the magazine so that it sits flat on a surface for steadiness, I assume. no other markings to speak of. I’m wondering what the value is on this weapon and if is something a gun collector would love to have or if it’s a dime a dozen. (engraved on the right side just in from of the slide says made in Belgium 22 Long rifle on the left side engraved says Browning arms Company. Any info would be great!

  6. Kimber Rose says:

    Sounds like a Challenger II. I inherited one from my father. I have a .pdf copy of the Manuel. Post your email and I’ll send you a copy. It might be it. I don’t know the value. It’s the predecessor of the Buckmark.

  7. Maria says:

    I have enjoyed my Beretta U22 Neos for a few years now. Fun to shoot! I am most accurate with it at the range and it was a great first gun. If you’re thinking of getting one – do it!

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