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By , June 18, 2009 8:40 am

Best .22 LR Caliber Handguns is a place for information and reviews of handguns — both semiautomatic pistols and revolvers — chambered for the .22 LR (Long Rifle) cartridge. With the recent and drastic increase in prices for ammunition, the .22 LR cartridge is seeing a lot of attention due to its vastly less expensive ammo compared to the larger calibers like 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP.

Many gun owners have already added or are considering to add a .22 LR handgun to their collection in order to continue regularly practicing at the range without breaking the bank. However, the number of handguns available chambered in .22 LR is larger than ever, and with so many models it is difficult to make the right choice for someone’s specific needs.

Best .22 LR Caliber Handguns will help you with this decision. Here you will find reviews, specifications, photos, and more for all of the commonly available .22 LR handguns, such as the Walther P22, Ruger Mark III, Beretta U22 NEOS, and Sig Sauer Mosquito. Armed with this information, you will be able to make an informed decision on where to spend your hard-earned money on the Best .22 LR Caliber Handgun.


May 9th, 2011: I have been working on another firearms-related website called WhichGun.com. It includes information, specifications, photos, user ratings, and user reviews of over 1,000 guns, with more added daily. There are over one hundred .22 LR pistols and revolvers in the database.While this site is not going away, and will continue to provide information on .22 LR pistols, revolvers, and conversion kits, you can find information on all types of firearms, at WhichGun.com. I invite you to visit WhichGun.com – Your Complete Firearms Buying Guide™.December 3rd, 2011: Information on a number of .22 LR pistols and revolvers will be added soon. The articles on the Smith & Wesson Model 317, Beretta 21A Bobcat, Browning Buck Mark, Smith & Wesson Model 617, Kimber Rimfire Target, Ruger Single Six, Smith & Wesson Model 18, ATI GSG 1911, Ruger Charger, Taurus Model 94, and many others are in progress and will be posted as soon as they are ready.

116 Responses to “About This Site”

  1. Bill says:

    I just bought a S&W M&P 22lr pistol. Great gun! Put over 300 rounds thru it last Friday. No FTF or FTE. Lots of fun. Ammo was Federal bulk pack of 550 rounds from Wal Mart.

    • BobT. says:

      I have to say that any Smith & Wesson gun is the best. But any Smith & Wesson .22LR has to be one of the top three best choice in small caliber. I’ve owned their Model 65 in 357 magnum, and they make the best guns I have ever had the privilege to use. So, if you’re Looking for a fail free pistol or rifle, buy Smith & Wesson. I know they’re pricey, but way less aggravation in owning one. And I’m 63 years old. Take it from me, I’ve owned over 60 guns, and I know what I’m talking about.

  2. jeff says:

    Just added 500 rounds to the 2500 already on our Sig Sauer Mosquito. The gun works very well and we’ve had only a few ftf or fte’s. We weaned it off of minimags and now shoot most anything with no problems. The gun is very accurate and fun to shoot.

    • Doug says:

      Do you know where I can get a left handed holster for a Mosquito? Or maybe what size blackhawk holster fits it?

    • Bob says:

      How did you get your mosquito off mini mags. I’ve tried both springs and a bunch of different ammo and have tons of trouble jamming. I’d love to hear any suggestions.

    • Rev Fred says:

      Don’t you guys who own the Mosquito feel that for the price you should have gotten more than one mag and a few other accessories? I love mine but am alittle sore about the price I paid.

      • aquadude7 says:

        I agree Rev Fred! I read all the reviews about the mosquito and I bought it anyway. I do not have any problems with the gun. It is a 2012 model. But at $40 a pop they should have thrown in a few clips. I paid around $430 after taxes and gun charges. Love the gun!!!!!

  3. zach says:

    I’M looking for a cheap 22.

  4. Vitaly says:

    Recently I bought Charter Arms .22LR and I am very happy!
    No FTP no FTE… works perfect! No difference, compare to S&W!…
    I love this brand.

  5. dr says:

    i have a bunch of 22 pistols,depends on what your looking for,i have a colt 1911 22 and is fun and built good,a heritage rough rider is cheap and very accurate,i had a taurus pt 22 and it fell apart.bersa makes a good 22 pistol thats you can carry in your pocket.north american arms makes a great 22 magnum that will fit in the palm of your hand and it is stainless steel and well built.i try to stay away from plastic guns because im a old school man.metal and wood for me.oh and i agree charter arms is making some good guns now,i just bought their 357 mag pug and it is built good.

  6. Steve says:

    Looking for a QUALITY 22 pistol that fires just about anything. I have a Walther P22 and it will only shoot CCI Mini Mags reliably. Anything else it is just finicky. I looked at the Sig Sauer Mosquito and it looks good but is it reliable when it comes to ammo?

    • Bill says:

      Steve strip your Walther P22 down and super clean it then lube it and I bet it will shoot any name brand ammo you pit in it. My wife has a P22 that she loves and it never has a misfire unless the shell is defective, but it has to be cleaned and lubed every 4 or 5 hundred rounds or it will get choosy about what ammo it likes.

    • DJ says:

      Steve, bought my wife a Ruger SR22 pistol and it shoots anything from winchester, walmart federal, cci, remington stingers…. has yet to ftf, fte anything. Great gun! Can be found for less than the P22 and the Mosquito.

    • Funny you should ask. I have a Ruger mk ll that shoots anything you put in it. I am getting ready to sell it or trade for a revolver. You can have it for $350 plus shipping, send me an email and we can talk. If you don’t like Rugers, I have a friend with a Buckmark that will shoot just as good. I have NEVER had a failure to feed.

    • Lon says:

      I have a P22 3.4″ barrel that I had a lot of problems with in the beginning. I had to start with 22 Mini Mags also. It took about 400 rounds and cleaning after every couple hundred rounds before it would shoot anything else. Now that it is broke in it will shoot most anything. Had it on the range last night shooting at 50 feet off a rest to see how it would group with different rounds. I shot CCI Mini Mags, Stingers and Segmented Hollow Point with no issues. In Federals I used Game-Shok, American Eagle and Champion Target with no issues. In Winchester I shot Super X and Varment HE with no issues. Ten shot groups ranged from 6″ to 2.5″. Most anything over 1200fps was a little hot for the gun I think. You tend to get a good sized fireball with the hotter rounds and the groups are loose. The 40gr Federal Champion had the best group of them all.

    • Craig S. says:

      Walther just introduced the new PPQ 22lr in both 4″ & 5″ barrel lengths. Also the barrel is removable & NOT attached to the base. Has new mag release button on handle instead of on the trigger guard. From the videos I’ve seen, it is a great improvement over the P22. Problem, not available until summer 2014, so I haven,t had a chance to even hold one much less shoot one. Manufacturer says it will shoot standard 22lr ammo

  7. Eldorado Ron says:


    Rails on top and bottom. Superior match grade barrel. Accepts muzzle break and silencer right out the box

  8. arms makes a great 22 magnum that will fit in the palm of your hand and it is stainless steel and well built.i try to stay away from plastic guns because im a old school man.metal and wood for me.oh and i agree charter arms is making some good guns now,i just bought their 357 mag pug and it is built good.

  9. mikeminmo says:

    I must chime in and I never submit.
    Walther P22: FTE/FTF. I stretched the spring and lightly filed the hammer and it’s surprisingly satisfactory, really solved both issues but not completely and its appetite for CCI mini-mags become expensive.
    I like Bulk, cheap ammo, I like to shoot.
    Sig’s new pistol. FTF/FTE strong appatite for HOT ammo.
    Ruger’s SS22P I’ve found to be very satisfactory and will just about chew-up anything its fed. Very few constant issues.
    High-Standard Duramatic, 97% flawless.
    Llama’s Colt 1911-A1 Copy, have two, both have the same common issues although they are IMHO a beautiful pistol and very ergonomic but wouldn’t trust my life to one.
    Ruger Mark 11, probably the most reliable of all, FFF 99% of the time but very uncomfortable.

    Now, my eye is set on a Bersa. One’s available with 50 Rds fired through it but wondering why he’s selling it = $250 and has whatever is shiney receiver and black slide. I’m tetering and reading some decent reviews.

    Beretta: I wonder if they made one based upon the FS. I have the FS and a 84B, 13 rds but in .380. I LOVE them both and have NEVER had a single issue with either.

    On a Magazine note: I notice the rimfire’s extracting edge isn’t fully cylindrical like their big brothers alike, and b/c of that, I notice staggered stacking issues which must cause a problem. I’m hoping to find two plastic sleeves, one on either side to perhaps fix the staggering issue by compressing the shells.

    Well, that’s my input on the .22’s I have. I’d really like to find a compact .22 without any issues but I fear the design of the ammo plays an overlooked part in our common problems, FTF/FTE. Why I must wonder are these issues common to the .22 and the non-cylindrical ammo just seems to add to our problems. It darn sure doesn’t help.
    Any opinions on this?
    TY guys.
    mike in MO

  10. Cbig says:

    I have two S&W 22a’s and just got one back from S&W who checked head space on recall. They sent two new mag’S back so have two extras now. I will be shooting both today with grand son. I never had any trouble with them but one via serial number was in recall group, Fun to shoot and take what ever you put in them even when it is mixed. Paid under two hundred for them and one came with ammo and holster!

    • dan says:

      When was the 22a recalled? Have had one for several years and never informed that there was a recall. Have not used in a while, but always had some issue with ftf or fte no matter what ammo I was using. Working on selling it to a friend, but not sure how much to ask. any suggestions?

  11. Lynda says:

    I’m looking for a frame for a ladysmith 22 pistol I bought a parts gun but I’m missing the frame. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks guys!

  12. Charles says:

    I had a Mark II heavy long barrel black finish. It was an excellent gun. Didnt have one jam in 1 year of ownersip. I liked the weight because it had a very balanced and steady feel to it. I wish I had never sold it. The rugers are kind of expensive now.

  13. Charles says:

    Use to work for Winchester Western in East Alton IL. Used the standard ammo that comes in the collector tins.

  14. Antonio Carrillo says:

    You really should put up a list of ALL of the 22LR handguns that are available. Shopping in stores or online is such a drag. I just want to compare a few and buy what fits me best.

  15. chris says:

    Some of the best .22’s are not new manufacture ie: Hi-standard and Colt from the 50’s and 60’s. I know because I’ve had all of them..

  16. Scott says:

    Love my Bersa Thunder 22. Way more accurate than I would have thought, and a joy to shoot. But, you do have to break it in. I used CCI velocitors and Winchester Super X HV ammo. Now it will feed the Federal Champion and even Remington golden bullets fine but I’ll use Velocitors if it ever comes to self defense with it. And yes, getting a second mag is expensive and darned near impossible, about my only complaint.

  17. Tim Hardy says:

    Old and set in my ways, I have owned many a .22 incl. Smith and Wesson, Ruger, Browning, Etc. Both revolver and semi-auto. Presently I have a Model 41 Smith and a C/Z 75 Kadet 2. The C/Z is a complete pistol, not a conversion. By far my favorite is the C/Z. Pistol duplicates the weight and feel of the infamous C/Z 75. The C/Z has a hammer and being an old school 1911 and revolver guy, I appreciate this feature. Additionally, the C/Z is a traditional double action pistol. The slide operates much like the Smith Model 41, center receiver. Pistol comes equipped with some of the finest adjustable sights I have seen. Feeds anything but seems to like Winchester Super-X 37 gr h.p. ammo. Not a single FTF of any kind in over 1400 rounds. As far as accuracy, will hold it’s own against the Smith which B.T.W. costs twice as much. As far as reliability, the C/Z has it hands down. The C/Z is all steel and a bit hefty for a .22 but again, is based on the C/Z 75 9M/M. With std velocity ammo the Smith might have a small edge again, at twice the cost. Using Hi-Velocity ammo the C/Z is the clear winner. Have been shooting over 45 yrs of my 60 yrs on planet Earth. I would not hesitate to say the C/Z Kadet is the finest all around, most reliable and accurate .22 rim fire I have ever owned. “Nuff said!

  18. Harold texas slim says:

    I shot my Ruger MKIII for stock while. Then I went mad scientist after leaning about the existance of FRANKENRUGER

    Frankenrugers are just heavily modified Rimfire Rugers. Its amazing what people come up with these days….


  19. Kevin says:

    Considering the name of this web site, “Best .22 LR Caliber Handguns”, I am very surprised you have so few reviews. I mean your first items are dated 2010.

  20. tony averella says:

    i have a N. american 10 shot revolver. it shoots fine. problem occurs when i try and eject the shells. they won’t. they seem stuck. i tried 4 or 5 shells, same results after i shoot, they won’t eject. any ideas why this is happening. someone at the range i shoot at suggested i get re-bored. please advise.

  21. johnrj says:

    tony’s N. American 10 shot…I would start with a different ammo…sounds like thin brass that is expanding too much. If that doesn’t do it, try an extractor – can be bought through Brownell’s gun parts/check their web site. changing ammo is usually a worthwhile effort.

  22. Gun nutz says:

    Anyone able to provide information on a Baretta Model 102? I1ve obtained 1 in fair shape. Really interested in the value/

    • justin says:

      I’m sorry about the delay in responding. I checked a few of the more common sources and didn’t find much information. I’ll go through some books of mine that will hopefully give more information.

      A quick check of online gun auction sites and forum classifieds showed an extremely wide range of prices, from $200 to almost $800 depending on condition and configuration, but even ones in the same configuration and in very similar condition had a large range of prices.

      Hopefully I’ll be able to dig up some more information for you.

  23. dale says:

    looking for a good quality semi auto hand gun 22ciliber pistol to(BUy )

  24. Ernie Martin says:

    I need your helps. I plan to take the Front sight class this fall. they say you will shoot around 3,000 rounds in three days of class. Which 22 hand gun would you buy to take that class ?
    I need something that is going to stand up under heavy use and I do not want problems with it in that class
    thank you
    WOW sure is cold in Iowa

    • justin says:

      Front Sight recommends that you use a defensive caliber handgun (9x19mm or .38 Special minimum). But with the cost of ammunition these days, I can completely understand wanting to use a .22 LR for the class!

      Along with the .22, I would still bring your defensive handgun and several hundred rounds of ammunition to use during the class to get at least some training with the gun you will be trusting your life with.

      If there is one available, I would go with a .22 LR conversion for your defensive handgun. If you shoot a 1911, there are a few dedicated .22 LR 1911’s out now if a conversion kit isn’t for you.

      Then there are of course the Ruger MKIII, Ruger 22/45, and Browning Buck Mark. These are more of target guns than defense-style guns, but all have great track records, with the reliability and durability needed for shooting 3,000 rounds in three days.

  25. Ron says:

    how about the H&R 929 ? any good?

  26. les says:

    Ron, I would not be afraid of the 929 in either the 6″ or shorter barrel model. I have the 6″ model and it performs flawlessly. H&R no longer makes pistols but if you find one in good condition…….no worries.

  27. tom says:

    can you shoot standard 22 from a 22 magnum

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